“Excellent”: review of Necessaries and Sufficiencies

Necessaries and Sufficiencies“…an excellent resource…” says Laurie Glenn Norris writing in Atlantic Books Today about Necessaries and Sufficiencies: Planter Society in Londonderry, Onslow and Truro, 1761-1780 by Carol Campbell and James F. Smith.

The review goes on to say, “It should serve as a model for other in-depth historical studies … that enlighten those of us not content with cursory knowledge of our past.”

In March, a Chronicle Herald review by Margaret Conrad called the book a “…splendid tribute … to the 250th anniversary [2011] of the arrival of the Planters….”

Necessaries and Sufficiencies is shortlisted for two Atlantic Book Awards to be handed out on May 17 in St. John’s.

Posted by Mike Hunter on April 25, 2012