Crossings: A Thomas Pichon Novel

Available in many bookstores and on-line. Also available for your e-reader from Kobo, Kindle store and Apple iTunes. International customers can find the book on Amazon (ANZO: thenile.com.au).

Thomas Pichon seems forever at a crossroads, often choosing the path of least resistance, the one most tempting.

In this, the third Thomas Pichon novel, his life remains more complicated than he wishes. He encounters highwaymen on a country road, succumbs to a tempting tryst in the spa town of Bath, squanders a new love in London and begins to long for the higher social station he once enjoyed.

Returning to Paris, Thomas’s work life initially stalls, but a new lover offers help. He is given the best position he has ever had, one that requires him to go overseas. The crossing is a voyage neither he nor anyone aboard will soon forget.

Listen to A.J.B. Johnston’s interview with CBC Mainstreet (Cape Breton) host Wendy Bergfeldt (Sept. 10, 2015 – runs 12 min.).


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