Oak Island Mystery Solved

The Oak Island Mystery: Solved!

Now in stores and available on-line and as an e-book.

For more than two centuries, adventurers, thrill seekers and treasure hunters have tried to unlock the secret of Oak Island, investing millions of dollars, and costing at least six lives. And the obsession continues: a television series in the winter of 2014 and seasonal walking tours of the area that include locations highlighted by the series.

Theories and intrigue abound – a clandestine treasure trove? The resting place of some holy relic? A cache of priceless documents? The promise of treasure is a powerful compulsion – the Oak Island story is embroiled with politics and treachery from its humble beginnings – and many have risked and lost entire fortunes, and in some cases their very lives, chasing these theories. The bald truth is that nobody actually knew what was there, and every imaginable theory, from the fantastic to the ridiculous was concocted to explain that unknown.

Joy Steele’s thorough investigation reveals a remarkable and credible truth vastly different than legend would have it.



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