TR’s Adventure at Angus the Wheeler’s

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On a warm summer day in Deepdale, ten-year-old T.R. decides to share a secret with his bored brothers, The Terrible Twins and Sunny James: that elves and fairies occupy the garden of their neighbour, Paul Smith. But all is not well in this secret garden; Guks have abducted a Princess and are holding her hostage at an abandoned farmhouse known throughout the countryside as Angus the Wheeler’s house.

T.R., the Terrible Twins, Sunny James and the fairies set out to free the Princess, who isn’t really a princess at all, but their own cousin Jennifer, and what follows is a epic battle between the Fairies and the Guks, a battle that grows more fierce with the arrival of the lobster-clawed and cruel King Glug, king of the Guks.

T.R. discovers that he has to use his own gentle magic against the dark magic of King Glug in an epic struggle to free Jennifer, and protect the fairies from their worst enemies, the Guks.

Supported by colourful illustrations, filled with wonder and strong characters – and, best of all a happy ending.