Gertrude MacIntyre

As the world economy reorganizes around the extremes of localization and globalization, communities realize how closely local identity is linked to the local economy. To strengthen its economy, a community's political system must create an inviting legal and regulatory climate while strong cultural identity builds the desire for long-term development. In Active Partners, Gertrude Anne MacIntyre shows the crucial role of schools as mediators between national and international trends and community initiatives towards sustainable development. Gertrude MacIntyre, PhD, is former Director of the Community Economic Development Institute, University College of Cape Breton, and she teaches Community Economic Development in the School of Business. She has served as Supervisor of Research in the Tompkins Institute, UCCB and Chair of the Development Board of BCA Holdings, a community-venture finance company. Her 25-year career in public education includes teaching and administration in Canada and the US.


Sustainable People: A New Approach to Community Development



Perspective on Communities: A Community Economic Development Roundtable


Active Partners: Education and Local Development