The Malagawatch Mice and The Cat Who Discovered America

The mice are well-settled back in their be loved church now in Iona, but they are not alone. A stray cat with a mysterious past has taken up residence in the Malagawtch church and seems determined to make life difficult for the mice who fought so hard to maintain their home there.

Yet there is something familiar about the look of this cat, and Grandpa is determined to find out what it is. He journeys to visit a community of Mi’kmaw mice in nearby Eskasoni and learns a centuries-old legend about a cat who came aboard one of the earliest European ships to visit the Atlantic coast. Could the Malagawatch stray be a descendant?

Caroline Stellings’s delightful story is beautifully illustrated by her trademark watercolours. This is a chapter book for young readers and for those who like to read to them.