Following the Path


The MacCallum House, 1978 is the story of Mairi and Ruari and their life in Scotland. They lived in a Taigh Dubh (Gaelic for Blackhouse) which was constructed out of stone walls with a thatched roof. Mairi and Ruari and their family spoke Gaelic. They shared stories and songs, with their neighbours. They worked the land for food. Readers will gain insight into what life was like for children in Scotland at the end of the 18th century. Mairi and Ruari learn from their uncle of a New World with much opportunity for a better life for them and for their family and the decision is made to move to Cape Breton.

The MacCallum House, 1798 is the first book in the “Following The Path – The Highland Village Series.” Throughout this series readers will follow the history of Mairi and Ruari and their descendants, from 1798 in Scotland to 1920 in Cape Breton. The Nova Scotia Highland Village is located in Iona on Cape Breton Island.