Perseverance: The Story of Cape Breton’s University College

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Relative to establishment academia, Cape Breton University is in its infancy. Yet Canada’s first university college is mature for its age – a maturity that comes from years of struggling for recognition and respect.

Like the community it serves, CBU is no stranger to adversity and turmoil, and it’s proof that people can come together for the betterment of all.

Its story is one of perseverance, of tenacity – the pursuit of a vision for community development through imagination and resourcefulness, of envisioning a future when Cape Bretoners determine their own fortunes, rather than be mere spectators of greater political and economic forces.

Bob Morgan’s account is as revealing as it is factual, reflecting the external and internal politics that, while trying at the time, ultimately shaped a novel model of higher education that is being copied right across the country.