Basement Suite: A Novel

Available for your e-reader in April 2017

A sexy, saucy look at another side of love. Provocative and sexy, Basement Suite doesn’t hold back.

“That was my moment. When I shut my eyes, I can remember the feeling of having everything I have ever wanted. I never once imagined I would know that feeling. I never once imagined I would recognize that feeling if I was lucky enough to have it. But I did – and I did. Eddy.

Eddy. The love of my life is an arsehole.

Cheers to me. Thank god for the sweet soulful sedation of beer.”

Eddy and Liz participate in a relationship study for extra cash and learn that they don’t share the same opinions about sex, fidelity, career or truth. In fact, they don’t understand each other. Eddy tries. Liz tires.

Basement Suite is provocative and sexy – a saucy look at another side of love and relationships.