Selina: An Atlantic Salmon (2011)


New edition by Don Downer ~ Illustrations by Gisele LeBlanc-Turner

This book follows the life cycle of Selina, an Atlantic salmon, as she develops from a tiny pink egg into a full-grown salmon.

Follow Selina during her first years in the tributary and river system in which she was born. She explores every bit of the place until it is imprinted in her brain, so she can return to the same river tributary to lay her eggs when it is her time. During her life, Selina has narrow escapes from all manner of threat: becoming food for larger fish, birds, eels and even humans.

First published in 1999, Selina has been re-edited and designed and is joined by two other books about marine life: Selby the Lobster and Schinder: A Harp Seal Story, also by biologist Don Downer and Gisele LeBlanc-Turner.

Natural science for young people.