Chris Augusta Scott

Chris has fond memories of growing up on St. Margaret’s Bay – southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her mother and father Augusta and Ralph, brothers Shawn and Tod, and sister, Lisa. Summers were spent fishing, swimming, sailing, rowing and picking blueberries; winters were spent skating on the pond, tobogganing and making snow forts. Cape Breton Wonders reflects the sentimental history rich in family tradition and customs that Chris values so deeply, and how the stories of our lives are reflected in our collective experiences and family memories, shaping who we are as proud Nova Scotians. Chris is an educator who has been a classroom teacher and a school principal in rural Nova Scotia and Halifax. She now resides in Lowell, Massachusetts, where she is Superintendent of Schools for Lowell Public, one of the largest urban school districts in Massachusetts.


Cape Breton Wonders: Featuring Art by Marie Moore