In the Morning: Veterans of Victoria County, Cape Breton



The War Memorial in Baddeck has no names on it. In 1993 Bonnie Thornhill recognized the need to identify and recognize those individuals from Victoria County, Nova Scotia, who served their country during both World Wars. She coordinated a group of dedicated volunteers who transversed the entire county in search of information about veterans. The pursuit of history took five years – it was a most humbling experience. Some of the people profiled in In The Morning perished, others survived. All lived on the line between life and death. Their accumulated stories give a sense of the impact of the war not only upon the individual, but upon their family, their community and their country. Lives were altered forever. None of them sought war. Above all else, they cherished peace enough to face what they were expected to do. In The Morning provides a moving account of individuals to whom today we owe an everlasting debt.