Nancy’s Wedding Feast: And Other Tasty Tales


Out of Print

Illustrated by Peter Rankin

Food and memory are the recipes of shared experience. Together they conjure the richness of oral tradition evoking the time and place where stories are told – the smells of kitchens, the sense of remembering what brings us together, what is preserved and what remains to be made.

We are what we eat. In the act of cooking and eating we fashion the past inside the kitchens of the present. Food and the stories it evokes reveal the state of a place, the ethics of caring, the distribution of wealth, the sense of possibility, the ingredients of stories of hardship, class, ingenuity, diversity, nature, invention, celebration, the elite and everyday.

Herein are 14 of Jim St.Clair’s tastiest historical narratives, each accompanied by recipes that complete the tales expertly researched and selected by Chef Yvonne LeVert to give us the full flavour of Cape Breton’s rich and varied cultural palate.