Willam D. Roach - Folk Artist

William Roach, Folk Artist

William D. Roach, His Life and Work

William Roach has delighted audiences with his colourful and whimsical artistry with wood for nearly thirty years.

Roach’s interest – training, if you like – in carving and shaping wood into representations of the world around him, came naturally. When they weren’t making or repairing practical articles and tools, the older men in his life spent countless hours whittling curiosities that delighted children, neighbours and friends.

After years working in Ontario, Roach and his family moved home to his Acadian birthplace, Chéticamp, Cape Breton, striving for the stability of family and community. Turning a new leaf, William began expressing himself through his creativity. Passion for creating objects of beauty and value became an obsession and later a business.

From his Sunset Gallery and studio on the outskirts of Chéticamp, Roach works tirelessly at his entertaining creations.