Pathways, Bridges and Havens: The Psychosocial Determinants of Women’s Health


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Edited By Joanne Gallivan and Suzanne Cooper

In recent years, health research and policy have come to new understandings of human health through the framework based on knowledge of the determinants of health. This framework has inspired new efforts to explore the impact of psychosocial factors on health. This collection of recent research addresses a variety of psychosocial and social factors in women’s health: pathways to wellness and healing; bridges for physical health determinants; coping mechanisms that provide havens for people dealing with the negative consequences of poor health.

The research papers in this book are from presentations made at an institute June 2008, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, sponsored by the Section on Women and Psychology (SWAP) of the Canadian Psychological Association. They are a sampler of the contributions that scholars in psychology and related fields are making to understanding women’s health.


  • Paula C. Barata – Issues Involved in Implementing HPV Technologies
  • Cyndi Brannen and Laura Hambleton – Caregiving, Health, Stress and Gender
  • Toba Bryant – The Canadian Welfare State
  • Deone Curling, Soma Chatterjee and Notisha Massaquoi – Women’s Transnational Locations
  • Peter Horvath and Pamela Wambolt – Dysfunctional Motivational Components in Self-Regulation
  • Kathryn D. Lafreniere, Donna M. Eansor, Joanna Kraft and Elsa Sardinha – Negotiating Work-Life Balance in the Legal Profession
  • Jennifer J. Nicol – The Companionship of Music
  • Brigitte C. Sabourina, Sherry H. Stewart – Patterns of Depression: Substance Use Disorder
  • S. A. Wiebe and S.W. Sadava – Health and Well-being of Women with Fibromyalgia