Two new reviews favouring Michael Newton’s work

Naughty Little Book of GaelicNewton-Celts-webWe recently learned of reviews of two of Michael Newton’s recent books, both published in Scottish Gaelic Studies vol. 30 (2016).

Celts in the Americas (CBU Press 2013) “contains a welcome set of wide-ranging papers….” “…the subjects and themes in the collection are fresh. Their consolidation into one volume will be of use to any scholars wishing to expand their knowledge of the Celtic languages in the diaspora….” by Susan Ross, University of Glasgow

Of The Naughty Little Book of Gaelic: All the Scottish-Gaelic You Need to Curse, Swear, Drink, Smoke and Fool Around (CBU Press 2014), illustrated by Arden Powell, reviewer Colm O Baoill writes: “…the Gaelic is spelt perfectly, a feature not common when Gaelic material is presented in an English-language book.”

It’s a “useful light-hearted introduction to lexicons with which most Gaelic learners are not familiar.”

By the way, this review also lauds Arden Powell’s “excellent and cheerful illustrations [which] owe a good deal to the figures of early Gaelic art…”

Memory-Keeper of the ForestMichael’s work continues to draws great praise and invitations, especially for his latest book, Seanchaidh naCoille / Memory-Keeper of the Forest, like the recitations delivered in Québec City Feb.22, 2017, at the Morrin Centre.

Posted by Mike Hunter on February 24, 2017