Reeling over reviews

Reeling RoostersWe received a flurry of copies of reviews last week, including these great comments about Heather Sparling’s Reeling Roosters and Dancing Ducks: Celtic Mouth Music (CBU Press 2014).

Béaloideas: The Journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society (no. 84: 232-35), calls Reeling Roosters “excellently researched.” It’s “fascinating [,] incredibly rich [and] a must read [for] anyone interested in the social and historical contexts of traditional music and song.”

Ethnologies, published by the Folklore Studies Assoc. of Canada, calls Reeling Roosters “a book that fills a significant gap in the literature.”

“Sparling’s work is admirable both in its depth and breadth, successfully engaging in detailed, yet clear explanations of complex, often murky topics.”

“…an enjoyable, well-balanced book. [The writing is] clear and direct [and] fills an important gap in Gaelic and Cape Breton scholarly work.”

Posted by Mike Hunter on February 6, 2017